Add goals to increase reporting posititity


Performance budgets are a great tool and getting the alerts is helpful but after awhile the negativity starts to wear on the team.

So to help increase the positive vibes I'm suggesting adding the ability to create goals and when a goal is met it's celebrated in all the integrations.

After a long performance battle it would be great to see something in Slack like "Project or Page met this performance goal! Way to go team." with happy faces and confetti. Personally I'm doing what I can to celebrate the wins with the team but I think it would be great for the integrations to assist with the celebrations .

Goals could apply to either the whole project or single pages. Similar to the budgets a user could select metrics and their desired values.


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Hey Jacob, thanks for your suggestion. I do want to support positive alerts as well in the future.

I plan to improve the budgets before that, so maybe I can consider the goal use case at that point and make the successes more visible as well.

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