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Report page speed data in Looker studio.

This has beens suggested a few times. Please share your use case so we know what to support if we decide to build this feature. What data do you need? What dashboards are you trying to build? Why does being able to view data in this way matter to you?


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Estela Franco

Hi there!

When working with a large number of pages, it's easier to analyze aggregated data based on URL patterns rather than analyzing it through each page.

In my case, we monitor several hundred pages and regularly download the CSV files with the latest test results. Then we paste the data into a Google Sheets and we have a Looker Studio report connected to that Google Sheets to properly display the aggregated data based on URL patterns (by creating some Looker Studio filters). We also aggregate the results based on development release dates via Looker Studio filters as well.

Having a direct connector from Looker Studio to Debugbear would help us a lot to skip all the manual work and will allow any other Debugbear client to create their own dashboards with aggregated data.

Attached is an example of the aggregated CLS results for a particular group of pages, broken down by release. You can easily see the impact of each new release on that particular group of pages.



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