"Send issue to Jira/Trello" button


It should be possible to generate tickets in project management software from within DebugBear.

For example:
- on this list of audits in the Lighthouse tab each audit would have a "send to jira" button which would generate a ticket based on the failing audit
- If there's a large image that could also have a "send to jira" button reporting the issue – same for other types of regressions like new console errors. The button would probably show a model with a preview of the ticket and a "send" button.

If you'd like to see this feature in DebugBear please upvote this suggestion and post a comment with an example scenario explaining how this would be useful to you or any additional requirements you have. For example, "I want to export an HTML validation errors to Asana".

After exporting the issue, does this have to be marked as exported on DebugBear?


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